Aisea 2020

april cohort


AISEA helps early-stage tech enabled social enterprises in the sectors of Healthcare, Education and Agriculture.

The accelerator mainly focuses on enterprise's business to scale, apply cost-effective business models and exploring wide market access by providing  support for Investment, Technology, Mentoring and Government connects.

Access to Silicon Valley Network

AISEA's cohort will have access to the rich Silicon Valley Ecosystem. AFI has been conducting Silicon Valley Treks over the last 5 years.

Technology Mentor Pool

i-TIC Foundation has a rich pool of Technology mentors who will help AISEA's cohort of entrepreneurs overcome their technology related challenges.

Government Connects

AFI works closely with government representatives - be it Members of Parliament or senior IAS officers. This positions AISEA to facilitate the interaction between the cohort and the relevant authorities - for government contracts, to help overcome regulatory obstacles or to influence public policy.



Our Address:
i-TIC Foundation IIT Hyderabad
607 Academic C Block
Indian Institue of Technology Hyderabad
Main Road, Near NH-65,
Sangareddy, Kandi,
Telangana 502285
Tel: +91 40 2301 6169
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