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What is AISEA

Various For-profit social enterprises are often wedged between the two distinct non-profit and for-profit peer communities. Many of the accelerators and incubators today are designed to address the financial and non-financial needs of one or the other. Few, however, have tailored content, programming, and personnel that are experienced in impacting the double bottom line.

​AISEA is the AFI i-TIC Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at IIT Hyderabad. AISEA strives to establish an accelerator that maximizes an enterprise’s potential for societal benefit and profit, by assembling a world-class team of experts, creating the infrastructure for seamless peer-to-peer learning, and developing the platform to enhance the accelerator impact.

How AISEA delivers Value

Dedicated Mentors

2 Dedicated mentors for each startup to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals.

Functional Coaches

Function specific coaching for specific aspects of your venture.


Huddle with multiple ecosystem veterans for holistic decision making

Office hours

Periodically connect with the AISEA team in Office Hours to discuss and address all your apprehensions.

Advisory Board

Gain access to & from an Advisory Board to help you even beyond the program duration.

Mixers with Experts

Attend mixers with experts from the industry to get one-on-one strategic/industry-specific advice and grab great opportunities to work with them.

Support with Certifications & Compliances

We’ll help you find and get through the right set of certifications and compliances to enable your business to its maximum potential.

Tools & Partnering Services

Form partnerships with the right people and get the right tools under your belt to achieve greater heights, valuations and much more.

Technology Mentorship

Learn about the Technology landscape of your industry and have experts help you understand & implement them to your own ventures.

Networking Connects

Make valuable connections with enablers, advisors & ecosystem players.

Investor Connects

Need more money? Get access to great investors through our network and get exciting opportunities to onboard them as your own investors.

Government Connects

Connect with helpful contacts in the Govt. that will get you access to the right opportunities for your venture.




i-TIC Foundation

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